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Pandit Prakash Joshi is a number one or top astrologer of India when it comes to astrology knowledge and predictions. The knowledge of astrology that Pandit Prakash Joshi has is in depth and beyond the reach of many astrologers. This is  because Panditji comes from a family of astrologers. The complete knowledge of astrology that Pandit Prakash Joshi has, is credited to the teaching from his Astrologer Grandfather and Father; who were astrologers of high repute. Following Panditji’s footsteps and to take the ancient knowledge further, now his children are also practicing astrology.


Specialist in Love Problems :


There are  multiple types of issues that can happen in love.
– You love someone, but that someone does not love you, even if you have tried everything.
– You were in love with each other, but now one of you have lost interest in the other partner
-Your partner or friend has now started loving someone else.
-You are not getting the warm response that you were getting earlier from your partner, etc.
To solve the emotional issue, you try everything from talking with your partner, to asking your friends help. You even share the problem with the best friend of your love interest but do not find a solution. You cannot bear the agony and want a solution fast. You want to experience that love feeling again at any cost. But despite trying your best, there is no solution in sight. It is just frustration and life feels boring and depressive.

We know that whether married or not, love of a partner is needed by all. Do not get depressed and lose hope because of your love problem. We will bring the love back in your life. Pandit Prakash Joshi is the number one astrologer specialized in giving solutions for love problems.


Specialist in Marriage problems :

Getting into marriage was a memorable event for you and now the troubles in your marriage are giving you nightmares. The partner’s behavior is painful and impossible to bear. Each day that was full of love is now full of hatred. Why did it happen? You never wanted to live the way things are today. You gave your best and did everything that was right. You tried to be patient; you compromised on your life, your likings, your relations and what not! Still the relationship of marriage is strained. You have given it lot of time and even the friends and family could not help to restore the relationship to its earlier happy days. What to do? Where is the solution? Who will bring back the peace to your heart when even the psychologist could not help? Will I ever get relief from this depressive phase of life? When will my sleepless nights end? The antidepressants also could not take away my depression……What shall I do now?
Sometimes, things do go beyond our control and become unmanageable.
Pandit Prakash Joshi is a top astrologer and will give solution to your marriage problems. Panditji has brought peace in many a married lives through his Vedic astrological solutions in which he is the number one astrologer. Come to Panditji and you will go back smiling as he relieves you of your marriage problems.


Specialist in Business problems :


You are at the top of your time. Expanding business is happening and profits are soaring, giving you a new high. All seems perfect!

And one day, you hear a bad news of a loss in a deal. You take it in your stride and move ahead, managing the usual business stuff. But the business does not improve and one setback after another you face a downslide that does not seem to end. The competitors that feared and followed you are gaining on you and are demolishing whatever is left of you. You are nearly finished as the banks and lenders are at your doors, asking for their money.

No friends to help, no relative to go to and with no solution in sight, you no longer feel alive and want to die.

Don’t lose heart, have faith in Pandit Prakash Joshi for the solution to your impossible problems. When nobody can help, Panditji is there to hold you strong and get you out of the mess. He will give you the perfect solution and free you of all your business problems.

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