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Irfan Khan Horoscope Predictions by Astrologer Prakash Joshi

Name: Irrfan Khan 

Date of Birth: 07/01/1967

Birth Place: JAIPUR

STUDY AND PREDICTION: Irrfan khan is passing through a critical phase in his life because of the his bad health that is posing a serious threat. People love the actor and they are worried whether he will come out of his cancer condition or not? Who can give the answer to this question? Is it the doctor or something above us all?

Being an astrologer, I Pandit Prakash Joshi will try to decipher through my astrology skills, the outcome of the treatment for Irrfan Khan. We will study the astrological chart of the actor and try to get answers to questions like “Will he be normal again? When will he likely to get out of his serious health condition and why.”
His astroliogical status tells us that Jupiter is moving in Libra on Janma Ketu. Satrun is in Dhanush Rashi where mercury and Sun are there and Rahu is in Cancer Charak Rashi where there is retro Jupiter and opposite is Venus and in Navam, there is Janma Satrun. So the planets Moon (Mind), Jupiter (Native); Satrun (Work), Venus (Tejas) are in the shadow of the transit Rahu (Planet of death).

Rahu is the causative planet of unpredictable diseases.  Moreover Satrun is passing in Dhanus where mercury (Skin, Intelligence) and Sun (Atma) are there and Janma Rahu is fifth from it. So there is a very critical position for Irrfan Khan till March 2019. When Rahu will leave the Karak rashi, he may get some relief. If he will come out from it, his 58- 59- 60 years are also very critical for health.

In short, Irrfan khan is going through a very critical phase and from today, till March 2019 he will be in a serious medical situation. If he comes out of it, he will again face a critical health condition in the age 58 to 60 years.

So amongst the two actors; Sonali Bendre and Irrfan Khan, both of whom are struggling with the cancer, Irrfan Khan is very vulnerable.

Let us all pray for his good health and wish him a speedy recovery.

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