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Amit Shah Horoscope Predictions by Astrologer Prakash Joshi

Name: Amit Shah

Date of Birth: 22-10-1964

Birth Place: Mumbai

Birth time: 05:49:13 (Approximate)

Shri Amit Shah is well known for his chanakya neeti in the political circles. He played a significant role in the phenomenal victory of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the ruling party, BJP.

Let us derive observations and conclusions from the Janam Kundali of Mr. Amit Shah. Let us see how, why and when certain things are going to be for Mr. Shah.
Till the year 2021, Mr. Amit Shah will be in the Rahu dasha. His Rahu is in Gemini and in the 10th house. This Rahu is responsible for giving him the high post as this influences his intellect. The Rahu gives him the fighting spirit to create a path out of the most difficult circumstances. He will be instrumental in winning the 2019 lok-sabha elections also. His planning will be immaculate, accurate and he will take into consideration the minutest of the factors to win the next lok-sabha elections.  He will be putting efforts for each and every candidate to ensure the victory of the BJP.

After October 2018, when the Jupiter will be in Scorpio, he will be very powerful and will get a senior post in the BJP. Now-a-days, Satrun is in Dhanu rashi passing on Janma Ketu and making Nav-Pancham to Venus. This situation makes him even more prosperous and rich.

Rahu is moving on his Janma Mars and when after October 2018, Jupiter will come in Scorpio, it will make Na-Pancham to Janma Mars and transit (Gochar ) Rahu. This will give him more power, popularity and credit for his noble work.

But…….when the transit Rahu enters in Gemini, it will make Nav-Pancham to Janma Sun-Mercury and Retro-Satrun. This period, that is after March 2019 will give him a setback in his career. After March 2019, his name and fame will be affected badly because of Rahu and he will be disliked by his party’s leaders and co workers. He also has to keep a safe distance from ladies as that might bring him insults. His decisions will fetch him negative results during this phase. Moreover, the transit Saturn, which makes Nav-Pancham to Janma Moon will disturb his mind. He will be blamed and dishonored by his party workers. The period between March 2019 and December 2020 will be a very stressful one for Mr. Amit Shah.

After December 2020, he will get phenomenal success and will receive awards and accolades. He will become more religious and merciful. Overall, he will get his glory back with his party and workers during this phase.

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