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sonali bendre horoscope prediction for cancer


Name: Sonali Bendre

Date of Birth: 01-01-1975

Birth Place: Mumbai

A leading actress of yesteryears, Sonali Bendre is today struggling with Cancer. Her fans and people at large are apprehensive about the outcome of her treatment and many people are asking whether she will come out unscathed out of the Cancer or not? Yes, the doctors are trying their best but as an astrologer, I know that our lives are influenced by the planets and it is possible to predict about an event or a person if you can read their astrology charts accurately.

We will try and find out answers for the actress by doing her astrological evaluation.  Let us examine and evaluate her star positions and try to get a clear picture for her.
From her Chandra Lagna, Moon is in Leo and Satrun is passing through  Dhanush rashi which is fifth from Chandra and thus making Nava Pancham Yoga. So this Satrun – Moon nava pancham yoga makes her mind full of worries. Moreover, Satrun is passing from Janma Sun and Mercury.  Sun is Atma and Mercury is skin and intelligence. So Satrun makes both of them dull.

So, Satrun has a grip on Atma and Mind and Intelligence (Buddhi). This Satrun is passing from opposite Satrun which is in Janma. So she is out of working but main cause of Cancer is different. In Scorpio, there is RAHU-MARS and RAHU is running in Cancer Rashi which makes Nava Pancham with Janma Rahu-Mars and opposite to Janma Venus and Ketu is passing from Venus. So this is responsible for her Cancer.

So let us now answer the question whether she will come out her medical condition or not? Let us also try and find out, when she will be out of this painful condition.
Now, Jupiter is running in Libra-Tula Rashi. This is making the Navapancham with Janma Satrun and Janma Jupiter and is passing on Janma – Harshal. This means that till October 2018, there is no danger to her life.

After October 2018, Jupiter will pass on Janma Rahu-Mars which is responsible for Cancer. Mars is in own sign Scorpio, so it is powerful. Jupiter is friend of Mars so it will be ok but Rahu is in Cancer (Karka) rashi and it makes Nava Pancham to Rahu-Mars and Jupiter. Therefore the period from October 2018 to March 2019 is critical for Sonali Bendre.

After March 2019, Sonali Bendre gets recovery from the treatment till November 2019.
After November 2019, combination of Satrun-Rahu-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury is there so she has to become more alert.  But then, the life saver Jupiter is also passing through from Dhanu rashi in which Sun-Mercury exist.
On one hand, Rahu makes circumstances more critical to Sonali and on other hand Jupiter will save her at any cost. In my opinion, Sonali Bendre will come out successful from March 2019.

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