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    Myself, Jayant Gandhi, I had been in great depression due to my kids. My 2 daughter’s marriages were getting delayed. It took me in great depression. Nothing worked for me. Due to which my health deteriorated and I suffered badly. I never believed some astrologer could help me get out of this. I came in contact with Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi, who proved to be a savior to me. He solved me problem completely. My daughters got married happily and also I am living a fit and a fine life. I am extremely thankful to him and happy with his work and blessings.

    Jayant Gandhi

    (Businessman) California-USA

    I visited Acharyra Prakashbhai Joshi with my business problems with the hope that I can get an appropriate solution. He understood my problems completely. I was in a complete mess and had been in a fix from all the four sides. Today, Bengani Group has 2 factories, earlier it had only 1.This is what Guruji has done to my business. I am so happy and content with his work. Today, whatever I do, I take the advice of Guruji and only then proceed. He also made me believe in astrology and astrologers, which I never believed in.

    Surinder Bengani

    CEO, Bengani Steel Group , Ahmedabad

    I was 35 years of age, and yet unmarried. I am an Police Inspectors daughter. My father contacted several Pandit’s and Astrologer’s, but nothing worked. No one could help solve my problem. Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi helped me with his blessings. He did what no other astrologer – pandit could do. My marriage was fixed immediately within a few days after I contacted Joshiji.

    Indra Bhomani


    I used to feel very weird, as my body used to behave abnormally. I could not understand what was wrong. I felt as if someone had done some kind of negative energy on me. I then came in contact with Guruji, who helped me solve my problem. I was very relieved. I also was facing many business problems. But Guruji got me out of it and now I am so successful that I have my business in many of the big nations of the world like USA, UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. I would say Guruji is the best astrologer in India and the World.

    Rajkumar Jain

    Owner, City Gold Hospital, New Delhi

    Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi is a great man. He helped me get what I wanted the most in my life. I never got love from my husband and kids. As a woman, it was my most desired thing. Guruji helped me fulfill my wishes. With his blessings and astrology prayers, now my family loves me a lot and I am enjoying my life. I am indebted to Guruji and his astrological works.

    Sushmaben Agarwal


    I met Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi and found him to be a gem of a person. He not only helped me but also became a good friend of mine. I am a BJP Leader in Gujarat and the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha. I was facing problems in my political career and also had many health issues. I wanted to have a stable position in politics. Joshiji helped me get out of it. I am completely fit and fine now and also have a good power and stability in my political career. I also honored him with a Gold Medal in the ‘Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Vaastu Sammelan’. I am very thankful to Panditji.

    Shri Ashok Bhatt

    BJP, Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Speaker

    My business was completely down. Nothing worked for me. I tried my best to save my business. I had no ray of hope. Finally, someone gave me Acharyaji’s reference. I was reluctant initially, as I tried everything and nothing worked for me. No astrologer could help me with his astrology. But then I met him personally and discussed my problems. He gave me the solutions to my problems and after then my business has always flourished. I now take every step of mine with his consent. I would recommend everyone to meet Acharyaji just once, then you yourself will come to know about his powers and greatness.

    Rahul Bajaj

    Mumbai, India

    Even after 15 years of marriage, I was without a child. Me and my wife tried everything. But no medical or astrological advice helped. I contacted Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi. He helped me bless with a child. Today with his blessings I have 2 children. I am very happy now. I had no hopes left, but Joshiji gave me a new life. I heartily thank him.

    Rehman Malik

    Kuwait, UAE

    I am an Indian, born in Dar-e-Salam, Tanzania. I was the king of business in Tanzania. I had 15 factories of mine in Tanzania. Somehow my luck, fate or planets or my enemies got me down to level zero. My business was completely shattered. I got into legal matters too. I went to so many jyotish, maulvi, baba, etc. but no one could help me get my business and property back. I came across Samrat Astroiloger website and contacted him. I suppose it all started from there. I told him about my problems and called him to Tanzania to help me. He did the various astrological proceedings and helped me get my business back. I am now free from all the charges which had been put on me by the Government. I am now what I was earlier. He also got me back my passport which was with the Government. It made impossible for me to come to India too. Now I can come to India whenever I want, only because of Guruji.

    Jeetu Patel

    Dar-e-Salam, Tanzania, Africa

    My boyfriend left me after 10 years of our relation. I never expected he would do this to me. I contacted Acharya Prakashbhai Joshi for the same. He got me my love back with his astrology and now I am living happily with him. I am very much thankful to him for this.

    Geena Crawford

    London, UK

    I am a Doctor in USA. I completed my studies but then faced many problems in my practice. I did not get many patients and I also could not help my patients well. I faced many problems. I contacted Panditji, after contacting many astrologers who proved to be of now help. Panditji guided me and performed various pooja’s for me. Then finally I got settled in my profession and now I am very happy. I am living happily with my family. I bow myself to Panditji and ask him to protect me with his blessings for the rest of my life.

    Dr. Simran Kaur (MBBS)

    New jersey, USA

    I was suffering from Kalsarp Yog, Manglik Yog and Gadhmul Yog. None of my planets supported me. They just pulled me back in my life. Guruji then saw my horoscope, made predictions and did the astrology pooja for all the 9 planets. Since then my life has been easy and I am very happy with my life.

    Neeta Patel

    (Chartered Accountant) Canada

    I am a Member of Parliament in India. I showed my horoscope to Panditji. He saw my horoscope and told me to Visit the Shani Mandir every Saturday. I never in my life had thought that I would become a member of parliament. Just with these guidelines of Panditji, I became the member of parliament. I am very thankful to him. He is probably the best astrologer.

    Shri Gopal Singh Shekhawat

    (Member of Parliament) Congress Party, Rajsamand, Rajasthan , India

    Since the age of 25 years I tried standing in the elections, but never got success. I kept losing till the age of 80 years. I never believed in astrology. But after losing hopes I tried it as a last resort. Then I met Acharyaji. He guided me and performed some pooja for me. After that I finally became an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly). Acharyaji made my dream come true. I now believe in astrology more than I believe in myself. (Member of Legislative Assembly, Rajasthan) Bhartiya janta Party

    Shri Bhavanlal Rajpurohit

    Makrana, Rajasthan, India

    My life had been miserable. I used to get bad thoughts. My nights were sleepless. I could not work in the daytime. I could not look after my family. I searched on google for best astrologer in India. There I came to know about Guruji. He found the real reason behind my problems. There were negative energies in my life. He removed them and made my life wonderful. He proved to be God to me.

    Sofia Bilal

    (Fashion Designer) Bangalore, India

    I have my diamond business in Jaipur. My business was very good. But since 2007-2010 I faced very big losses. Nothing went wrong. Panditji then saw my astrological horoscope. He told me that someone had done something wrong on me. He removed the problem and today I am more than what I was.

    Krushnakant Rai

    (Businessman) Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

    My life was very good. But the only unhappiness in my life was that I did not have a child. I took various advices, but nothing seemed to work. Then Panditji told me that there were some problems in my wife’s horoscope. He did the Gadhmul Pooja and then I was blessed with a child. Panditji solved my problem which I was facing since 9 years. He is the Best Astrologer I have met. I would recommend you to meet him to solve your life problems.

    Suresh patel

    Nairobi, Africa

    Me and my husband lived in London. We get divorced and I came back to India. I showed my Kundali to Panditji. I believed in Astrology. I loved my husband a lot. I could not live without him. I wanted that we lived together. Panditji told me that you I would get him back in my life. And the same happened. He performed some astrological prayers (pooja) for me. I am living so happily now with my husband. Also my business was not working well. Panditji told me to start a paying guest centre (PG) in Ahmedabad. I earn a lot of money out of it now. I believe in Panditji like I do in God. Even my son and husband believe in him a lot now.

    Payal Pathak

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    I worked in Reliance in Jamnagar. I faced a lot of problems in my job. I came to Ahmedabad to meet Acharyaji after reading his astrology advertisement in the newspaper. It said that ONE CALL CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I tried it thinking it was just about making a phone call. I felt really good after talking to him. Acharyaji gave me a pendant to wear and performed some pooja. All my problems were solved. The advertisement in the newspaper was not at all hypothetical. He also did prediction for me about my past and future. I was spell bound by his predictions. They were 100% true.

    Sumit Agarwal

    Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

    Me and my parents were very worried. I was of the age of 35 years, but I could not get married even after being a Police Constable. I contacted Joshiji with the reference of a friend of mine. He gave me such an solution after doing my face reading and preparing my horoscope, that soon my marriage was fixed. I was so impressed by his astrological work. I am in contact with him since the past 12 years. I make it a point to meet him and take his blessings at regular intervals and take my decisions only after his consent. I also tell my friends to contact him to get their problems solved.

    Ramesh Sharma

    (Police Constable) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    I would like to share my experience. My marriage was delaying. Due to some or the other reason, it never got fixed. Finally after getting married there was more to my problems. I got divorced only within some time after my marriage. I was in great depression. Panditji with his astrology showed me the right path. He told me that my marriage would happen in 40 days. I did get married in 40 days and I am now living happily with my wife.

    Ishwar Desai

    (Krishna Dairy) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India ​

    What clients are saying

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